Monday, December 26, 2016

How to find the SPAM Job Offers and How to Avoid the Loss

How to find the SPAM Job Offers ??????????????

Hello Friends,

Any of your friends are relatives trying for a job,please share this blog to get the awareness on the SPAM mails and Calls....

Below are the some points by which you can find the CALL Letter which you have received for an Interview is SPAM ??????? or Genuine ???????

If any of the below points results in “RED” or “Negative” mark the sender as SPAM from your mailbox.


1)Once you receive the CALL Letter from some ‘xyz’ Company,check the sender email id is ending with the same domain  or not.

For Example : or or any domain .

2)Check the Senders phone number with “True Caller “ or any app which helps to find the Caller’s identity.

3)Know the company website and profile. If it is “XYZZ.COM” is the website name.
Visit the website of Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India
Click on below link to open the website of Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India

Enter the Company or organization name
If the company is not registered you will get a Pop-up stating the same.
If the company is registered you will get the following information of the company.
  • LLPIN /CIN /1A Ref No
  • Company or LLP Name
  • State
  • Registration Date
  • Company Status
 If you get the information like above that particular company is registered by Govt. of India.

One important Note,,The company you are searching might exist but the SPAM Caller may not be working in the same company.So always ask for a call letter ,know the venue of the interview(90% the big MNCs will conduct in their own premises) and next check if he asking for the Original documents to get surrendered .Never submit your originals to the Callers

A lot of Money hunters are calling up and sending mails ,mentioning the Company’s Name from which they have not contact.
They are designing the Mails to attract the innocent students…

Here is an example:
Hi Candidate!
Congratulations !!!!!!!!!You got the offerletter from “Reputed MNC” Name…

And next to the content they ask for Money to get transferred with all Bank Details.

None of the repurted MNC s will ask for money during the Hiring Process.(If you come across ,so you are in wrong hands).The SPAMMERS are just making the use of Reputed Hiring Portals and Reputed MNCs  Fame and Name to collect the money .

Some Thumb Rules about this Blog:
  1. Never transfer money for getting job
  2. Never share your BANK A/c Numbers
  3. Never drop your Personnel identity proofs with or without signature
  4. Secure your Debit and Credit Cards .
  5. And secure your transactions with OTP’s enabled.

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Friday, December 16, 2016

How to find MBA University -UGC Approved or Not in India Country

Hello Friends,

Planning for MBA ???

1) Check if it is UGC(University Grants Commison) Approved or Not.

So the BIG Questions is "UGC Approved??????????????"

How to find whether the MBA University 
is UGC Approved or Not :


1)Go to website ""

2)Navigate to "Universities" Menu at the Top of the Page.

3)Scroll Down to Consolidated List and Click on it (The PDF with the updated List of Approved Colleges will be downloaded).

4)Do Find(Ctrl+F) To search for your planned University

If you didnot find in the List ,please check in the "Fake Universities" list too...

Hope it will help to choose the right MBA Career.

All the Best!

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