Friday, December 16, 2016

How to find MBA University -UGC Approved or Not in India Country

Hello Friends,

Planning for MBA ???

1) Check if it is UGC(University Grants Commison) Approved or Not.

So the BIG Questions is "UGC Approved??????????????"

How to find whether the MBA University 
is UGC Approved or Not :


1)Go to website ""

2)Navigate to "Universities" Menu at the Top of the Page.

3)Scroll Down to Consolidated List and Click on it (The PDF with the updated List of Approved Colleges will be downloaded).

4)Do Find(Ctrl+F) To search for your planned University

If you didnot find in the List ,please check in the "Fake Universities" list too...

Hope it will help to choose the right MBA Career.

All the Best!

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