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Monday, May 30, 2016

HR Inteview Process


How to attend HR Interview Round :

What are Point you should know before attending the Interview :

1)Know about Company Profile :
Get the Company address from Google(wike)
Know the address locations from where it is operating
Know the whether the company is Product Based or Service Based
Have 5- 10 points which can best describe the Company past present and future Plan or Actions

2)Update Personal Details in the Resume :
Mention your Personnel Email id and Phone Number which are active.(dont mention Password ...:-))
Enter your Academic Graduation Completion Year and Percentage(this will avoid extra questions on  your profile)

Technical Skill Set :
Higlight or Bold the Points in your Technical Skill set which you have Worked or Aware of it.
Make sure you have answers on the points which you are mentioning in the resume.

Experience Summary :

Mention your work experience in a short form (which company you have worked on and in which year or period)

Know about the clients profile and business which you have already worked on.

Dont forget to mention  your areas of interest  to work  .

Be strong in negotiating the package with HR.
1)If you are a Fresher,the best answer is  "As per Company Norms"
2)If you are an Experienced Techie,the best answer is 30-40 % hike.

Get your resume viewed by any mentor or Guru before attending interview.
Else if you dont have any friends,send your resume to,we will review it and do the necessary correction.
Please note ,this SERVICE is provided with FREE of cost.

All the Best for your future endevours....